Travel Rug

"Simin travel rug" has a unique and interesting design and is offered with different designs. This rug can be used for travel as a mat or for a child's room, kitchen and bedroom to not only create a beautiful effect, but also to protect the carpets of the house. This model has polyester fibers that in addition to good strength, have a relatively low weight. Unlike cotton, these fibers wrinkle less after washing and do not need ironing in most cases. To maintain the quality of polyester fibers, it is better to use carpet shampoo instead of washing powder. The "travel" model is available in 3 Sq. M., 6 Sq. M. and 9 Sq. M. dimensions and covers empty spaces such as the kitchen floor or corridor and also prevents the carpets from getting dirty. This rug is a convenient and practical mat for family and friendly trips or picnics. A cover has been made for this model, which helps it to be easily carried on various trips and excursions. It goes without saying that the best temperature for washing this carpet is 40 degrees Celsius so as not to damage its texture and fibers.