Premium Rug

"Simin premium rug" with thick texture and beautiful design will protect your carpet. The material of this model is polyester, which in addition to high durability, does not cause allergies or sensitivities. These fibers are lightweight so you do not have to worry about moving the product. Other salient features of polyester are that they do not tangle and do not wrinkle when washed. This product should be washed with a shampoo at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Using very hot water to wash the rug will damage its texture. The beautiful flowers worked on this rug give the environment a double charm. You should choose a rug according to the dimensions of your carpet. This model is offered from Simin brand in dimensions of 3 Sq. M., 6 Sq. M., 9 Sq. M. and 12 Sq. M. By placing this model on expensive carpets at home, you do not need to wash carpets quickly and just wash the rug.