Travel Blanket

Blankets are one of the most important travel necessities that are widely used during climate change. "Helia" model blanket is one of the best products of "Simin" brand, which can be used during travel and at home and creates a pleasant and pleasant warmth. With such a quality blanket, you will always be warm wherever you are. If you feel cold on a plane, train or even in your personal car, wrap this blanket around you to keep your body warm. The texture of this model is yarn and polyester. Cotton or so-called yarn prevents allergies and polyester increases the life and durability of the blanket. These fibers have a very good resistance to washing and if washed properly, their quality and color will not change. Color fastness to sunlight is another prominent feature of Helia model; so you can comfortably wash the blanket and dry it in the sun. This single blanket weighs relatively little and fits easily in a suitcase or trunk; this way, it will not be a problem for you to carry and move it.